Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lazy Daisy

Hi mom and my two other followers :) (PS Mom, I miss you!) (PPS do any other grown women legit miss their mom when they are away? I would hang out w my mom every day or so if I could.)

This week was sorta unstructured of us. Deej had a somewhat more relaxed schedule so he was home a few days, which usually means any daily plan, meal or otherwise, goes out the window and dinner is fast and loose. Or slow and loose. Or a bowl of cereal :)

Today we did get to go to my second or third favorite place on earth - Longwood Gardens. My sweetheart bought me a membership for the second year in a row, and I am determined to make the most of it. It was super foggy right up until we left, but beautiful just the same. If you've never been, Longwood is the former DuPont mansion/wonderland/residence. It has 1077 acres (really!) of gardens, including a mega conservatory that is just a little slice of heaven for me. Seriously, today there was a point when walking where I felt the presence of the Spirit, and it was just a moment of perfection. But really, the whole day was close to perfection. I am more aware and thankful of the blessing of our family every single day. My husband and my son are such special gifts from God to me. The joy I see in my son's eyes when Deej is making him laugh is so treasured in my heart, every time, every day. Today was filled with so many of those moments :) I'm so thankful we get to give him memories like this, whether it's the park or a special trip like today, I just love that part of being a parent.

In other news, I am about to wear the fibers right out of my denim skirt. I finished this bad boy last week and have worn it four out of the seven days since. It looks really good if I do say so myself and is so dang comfy I really don't ever want to wear pants again. I'm going to sew another two in khaki and a darker stretch denim, then just go by Cinderella for the rest of my days. Honestly, we had friends over Tuesday night and I tried to change into jeans and I felt like my legs were strangling. I wore this thing to the park. To playgroup. To the gardens today. To another playground. I'm hooked. Sewing is something I didn't know if I would like, but I have really ended up loving. I'm working on an easter dress, and finishing out my spring wardrobe. I really need to start selling some of this stuff, but I end up liking everything I make so much that I keep it for me. Selfish seamstress :)

So, no new meals or recipes this week. In fact, I really would love to continue to hear what any of you make on a regular basis, because I always need new ideas. Especially toddler meals. Some days, my kid surprises me, and other days he only eats cereal, oatmeal, goldfish, and raisins. He is turning into a walking carbohydrate. Help.

Also, I can't figure out how to put pics into my actual blogs where I want them to go (the pastry blender in a previous post decided to go there and I had to work around it.) Someone help me, or you'll be stuck with links.


ppps you can thank NASA for that signoff.


  1. I'm on the road in DC, But I'll share last night's wonderful repast. A little French restaurant around the corner. Petit plats. I had a wonderful saffron infused mussel soup. I need to learn to make that one. This was followed by homemade raviolis stuffed with wild mushrooms and a bathed in a porcini sauce. This was
    followed by grilled octopus on a nest of fava beans and balsamic infused herbs. That was my dinner. It made up for a day of hill visits at the Capitol. I'm always filled with awe as I climb the marble staircase worn and bowed in it's middle by the steps of historical figures of the past 150 years.

  2. Mmmmm sounds delish mom! Except maybe the squid. He can keep his tentacles to himself. But btw mussels are on sale this week at SR, maybe you could try it and I'll be your official taster! hint. hint hint hint.