Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bee print REMIXXXX

Here's the thing. Tonight, I finished cutting out the pattern pieces for THIS sweet little number out my oft discussed BEE PRINT fabric.

Ok, that's not quite what the apron looks like, but if you're asking my husband, it's close enough.

Truth telling time: I have 3/4 of a yard left. Enough to make another apron. Presumably to sell. But I don't think I can do it. What's that you say?? Who needs TWO bee print aprons?

Ask these ladies.

There can never be enough bees. Or aprons. Or bee aprons. Side note, if I get stung this summer it'll be the for the first time since I was five, and we will all know what to blame.

So I think to answer both my need for bees and the public outcry for more bee printed aprons, I need to go back to Sam's, buy more bee fabric, and by then I'll be prepared to part with it, blessing the world with Hymenoptera goodness.

Sigh. You see what the demanding public puts me through?


The Bee Whisperer


  1. Babe your aprons are really cute! They don't look

  2. Why does this sound like you had to practice typing it out a few times before you clicked Publish.

  3. Lol thanks Laur!! I think it's funniest to my friends who can hear me saying it in their heads. I crack myself up though, I do.