Sunday, April 29, 2012


We are officially finished with our spring performances! I am exhausted but very happy. We've loved dancing Coppelia, and I'll really miss the warmups and shows. On the other hand, my son is ready to have his parents and schedule back. Also, we've missed church 2 weeks in a row and that's about as long as I can go without developing a twitch. I really miss fellowship with the body of Christ, the church. There really is no substitute. I miss the preaching of the Gospel, the worship together as a congregation, the prayer, the fellowship, the tangible feeling of being loved as you walk through the doors...It can be the loving church we currently attend, or the teeny tiny hometown church near my aunt's house 2 hours away, or a new church we're visiting on vacation...any church that worships Jesus as Lord will always feel like coming 'home' to me. And I miss that. So, we'll be happy to be back next weekend :)

In random news, we can't find any of the critter's binkies, so this poor child may be weaned accidentally. I just hope he gets a good night's sleep. And by he I mean we.

I sewed a fun 2 hour skirt a few nights ago, and barely escaped with my finger intact. Late nights + sewing = accidents abound. I have a backlog of fun projects on the docket though, and I am really looking forward to working on my bee apron. And my chicken apron. To sell, of course...of course. Ok, I may be keeping one.
 ...Speaking of chickens, I cannot be more thrilled about that fact that hubs has given me legit permission to buy a few chickens when we purchase a house in a few years. Right now we lease a condo in a beautiful town and I have enough room for a small garden and some patio plants. I started a billion plants from seed under a modified grow lamp in my kitchen back in February, and my continual high rate of plant failure keeps me pretty busy, and my need to be in the dirt fulfilled. But. BUT. In my dreams, I really want a few acres...or even just 1 or 2, and I want chickens. Big chickens. Small chickens. Silly chickens. Egg laying chickens. MEAT chickens. I want chickens! And maybe a cow for dairy, but that's a whole other ball game. I didn't ever think my Babe would go for it, but he is genuinely all about getting a few chickens, and a few acres, and a few dogs (that was the compromise). All my Laura Ingalls dreams are coming true :) I'm not some off the grid granola head, but I really would love to be able to grow a good portion of our food. It's good for our bodies, it's good for our budget, it's good for the environment, and I like knowing where my food comes from. And there's just a good feeling you get when you plant a seed, with a little hope, and you water and wait and water and wait and water and wait and then - pop! The miracle of life! A seedling. Truthfully, I pray for my plants when a frost is coming. Don't judge me. The zucchini survived, didn't it? (it did.) So, even though we won't be looking to buy for two more years, I've already got the hen house basically mapped out :)

So, there is your smattering of rambling, two weeks overdue. Now that the performances are over, I'll be updating more regularly. I'll post soon on planning a weekly menu for your family, and budgeting (ha!), and sewing, and maybe even a reflection on dancing ballet again as an adult, if I'm feeling sentimental. And I am, since my kid weaned two weeks ago, and my hormones are as stable as our weather patterns right now. No joke, I cried actual tearballs during the bows at the end of the show today because 3 senior girls were graduating, going off to college and one won't be dancing anymore. Do I know these girls on an intimate friendship level?? Have we ever hung out, ever, or had more than a two sentence verbal exchange in our lives? DO I EVEN KNOW THEIR LAST NAMES?? Nope. Just your standard hormonal loon crying over complete strangers taking their last curtain call. No big deal.

Off to bed. God bless you.

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