Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I know. I have been riding this summer vacation thing and not updating. Sowwy!

There has been simultaneously much going on and not much going on, the perfect recipe for lax blogging. I have new recipes, new sewing projects, new pictures, and new news. I have not shared any of it. Sowwy.

Today, in my pre-algebra class, I answered 2 questions right, one of which had about 13,000 numbers in it and was a half-mile long written out on the board. I only exaggerate a liiiittle bit. Anyway, I had to write it on the board in front of everyone, and I got it right with no heckling! This is a big win for me :)

I have been keeping up with my 0-5k training (I think I blogged about that already? Maybe? I am on week 5 of training for a 5k so I can get off my lazy duff before I synthesize into couch material.), and it is really nice. My clothes don't fit, and for someone who never cared about how they look, I am really enjoying it. Not the need to buy new clothes, of course, but the ability to recognize the person in the mirror, that's nice. Let me give you some history.
I was a ballet dancer for about 13 years, pre-professionally.  What that means is I danced multiple hours a day, 5-7 days a week, depending on if there were rehearsals or not, from the age I was two or something. I could have gone on to be a professional ballerina, and was on the right track, but life got very painful, and lacking any plumb line to hold on to, I veered off track very hard. When I was 15 (I think), I pulled a diva act during the second show of a spring performance and walked off stage, and out of ballet for the first time, ever. Although a hobby is not sufficient to ground one's life upon, ballet was the last filament of the very thin thread holding my life together, and when it snapped, I kinda did too. I cast off any remaining restraint and did what I wanted, when I wanted, with whom I wanted, to the very great detriment of my soul and my parents. I did not come to my senses until our Lord Jesus Christ very mercifully brought me to them, and to Him, at the age of 19, by which time an incredible amount of damage had already been done. Life since then has been a beautiful, painful, and joyful trek ever upwards, and on even my worst days I can still ground my hope on the truth that one day I will be with Him in heaven, where everything is redeemed and there are no more tears or heartbreak.
Of the multiple good and bad consequences of my ballet training, one is that even though I am almost 28 with a toddler and very different lifestyle than I had when I was dancing 6 days a week, my internal mirror still thinks, by habit, that I am a size 2, peak-fitness dancer. When this internal scale meets reality through action or a visual check, it is still, even now, an adjustment. When pregnant and recovering from birth, I didn't mind my weight at all. When I started taking ballet classes regularly again last fall, it really bothered me that while in my head I still had the extension necessary to do wide angle arabesques and penches, in reality the physiology of my current physique meant I couldn't lift my leg above 30 or 45 degrees. Maybe this would also bother someone who had never danced in their life, I don't know. I only know that when you spend more than half your life doing something, it doesn't leave very easily, and the muscle memory never really leaves you. The ache I feel in my chest watching the Grand Pas during Sleeping Beauty or The Nutcracker will probably never leave, and I don't think I would want it to.
I should've named this post Serious Sally.
So, all that to say, I haven't been in shape in a really, really long time, about 11 years. It has felt really good to get in shape, not because of the terrible messages media sends to girls about body size (which I think IS terrible and I wish photoshop was banned), not because I'm superficial, because I'm not...but just because I feel like the real me again. You wanted to know all that right? I know. You're welcome.

In semi unrelated news, I haven't been home 2 weekends in a row, and this weekend will make three. Add the Sunday from two weeks ago when I was in children's ministry, and that makes four weeks without being in a church service. I really, really miss church. If there's any part of technology I embrace, (besides all of it hypocritically, because I like to think I'm Amish) it's the fact that I can watch our church's services online when they are recorded. Also, the fact that I can even type that, much less admit it, is a testimony to God's mercies. More on that another day. It will be nice being back next weekend.

In completely unrelated news, my husband introduced me to Star Trek: The Next Generation, and I am irrevocably hooked. Ok, maybe someday I'll grow out of it but honestly, I have the Trek bug as bad as I had it when I first saw Star Trek (2009 movie), and then the Original Series (I went to a convention and practically had to be revived with a defibrillator because I got to side-hug Leonard Nimoy, in the flesh, IN REAL LIFE. I MET AND TOUCHED SPOCK. Even typing that, I get a little tachycardic. I love Star Trek.). I always said I would NEVER watch TNG (the next generation) because it would be like cheating on TOS (the original series). I mean honestly, who could compare to Kirk and Spock?

Picard and Riker, that's who. I am in deep. I love them. I love the whole crew. I don't know if I have enough room in my heart for TNG and TOS. I must find a way to make it so.
Ok enough.

I need to get dinner on the table in 12 minutes, but it takes 35 minutes to make. God bless you, friendly readers.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Educational Larvae

I finished my semester maintaining a 4.0. Woohoo! I do give genuine thanks to God because I prayed before every study sess and test, lest my eyeballs bleed over the content over my english "literature" (read: smut and quite literal horror) and give me nightmares.

As I updated on the time suck Facebook the other day:

"Fall Registration complete. Item 786 of why screwing around in high school is a bad move: I have to take approximately four and a half decades (rough estimate) of remedial classes due to the fact that although I could comprehend high school biology, instead of passing tests and studying, I spent my time in class literally doing cartwheels in the aisles, pulling the emergency shower, or tossing backpacks full of notes with my old friend Larry Luongo. Since none of those things qualified me for a grade of "C" or better, I get to retake everything at the ripe young age of TWENTY EIGHT. All before actually getting to take the core classes needed for a simple ASSOCIATES DEGREE...much less one in Nursing. So by the time I complete my remedial Biology this summer, it'll be too late to register for General Biology this fall. So on the docket is Sociology and a long looked forward to elective, Astronomy. Look out for me folks, I'm looking to be in the graduate class of 2064."

Total Core Curriculum classes complete: 4, two of which were transfers from 10 years ago.
Total Electives Complete: 1. 
I'm pretty sure Korban and I will be in the same graduating class. Not that I mind, or that he minds. I think I'm a cool mom. 

Anyway, my classes at BCC don't really have a timetable. If I maintain a 3.85 or above, I have a guaranteed admission to Jefferson University's School or Nursing, and then it will be a whole new bag of marbles. I've only been staying at home with my sweet critter for the last two or three months, but I could not be happier. I don't want to work again anytime soon unless we really needed my income. By the way, anyone want to buy an apron?
I really do think I was made to mom. I love being able to raise my son, keep my house (messy), and just enjoy this season of motherhood. The last 18 months have FLOWN by, and I'm sure that doesn't change with additional peanut heads. I really can't wait to have a herd of kids running around the house :) No, I'm not currently with child.

I do miss the tangible aspect of helping people that I had when I was working though, even if it was just talking to them about their week or sneaking an extra sample to their kids. I try to keep the perspective that I am helping my family, that no one else can raise my kids etc, but I do miss it. I miss serving more in ministry, although I know when the kids aren't so young I'll have more time to help in different ways. The whole reason I went back to school was to finish my education, because I think an education is important, but also because I've been thinking about Nursing for about 7 years. Again, the hours don't really work with being committed to raising a toddler at home, but when the kid(s) are older, it's something I think I'd like to do. And when they're older older, it's a skill I can use on mission trips, in ministry, anywhere. Who knows what the Lord has planned. I just want to run the race well.

In completely rough segue news, I started running. Outside. As a dancer, I always said I couldn't run because of my knees. While true, I honestly hated running because it ALWAYS felt like my lungs were exploding, one lobe at a time. Stuck between a choice of expectorating alveoli and not fitting into any of clothes/feeling my butt glue itself to the couch fabric/dying at 30 from a sedentary lifestyle/a nagging conviction that I was not stewarding my health well...I decided to take a little walk jog. A yog. There's a great couch-to-5K app on the iphone that surprisingly helps. Theres a little man (or lady) in the phone and it beeps at you and tells you when to walk/run/cool down/etc. I'm in week 3 and I feel pretty dang awesome honestly. My first few runs I thought I was going to die. My last two runs I thought someone had slipped me some demerol, cuz I was flyin'. Running. Is. Awesome. 

So I signed up for a 5K on my birthday, at me old stomping grounds, Camp Ockanickon. (Matolly4Lyf) We'll see how it goes! Already I need a belt with all of my pants, which is nice. Also I can see my cheeks again, also nice. 

And in a final update, my bee print apron is done. I know, get back on your chair. It honestly looks really dang sweet. I'll post pics when I figure out how to sync my iPhone with Ubuntu better, cuz right now the process bites. 

Love you all, faithful readers (that'd be you, mom.)
God bless you!