Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Really will do a complete update soon. Honestly. It's 11:29pm and I am going to bed after x hours of bio agaaaain.

By the way, six hours of labs yesterday. Six. Hours. Of distance-learning bio labs. Mendel can keep his plants, I don't care about yellow peas, I just want to deepen my love of science without compromising my husband's entire summer work lineup and making my kid feel like a motherless lump.Which tends to happen when teachers assign SIX HOURS OF LAB HOMEWORK every other day. Donnnnnne. I'm done. Jk I'm almost done, 2.5 weeks left.

In other news, the family is taking a much needed trip to the beach tomorrow. I haven't been since I was pregnant, and Korby needs to chase the "duckies" (seagulls or any other bird or animal that's not an "ent" <any insect, ever, especially ants.>) I'm looking forward to the smell of sunblock, exploring tidepools with Korb, and of course, Mack and Manco's with real boardwalk lemonade. Korby is looking forward to anything and everything, all the time. That's my boy. Deej is looking forward to the chapter 13 bankruptcy that he seems certain will ensue from buying pizza and ice cream. (and lemonade. and beach tags.) All in a day's fun!

Thank your polypeptides today,

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