Thursday, August 30, 2012


I love that word. I love the mental picture of Biodome that pops up when I hear it. Did anyone see biodome? I haven't in over 12 years, but I remember laughing very hard at Pauly Shore.
Anyway, I'm learning about homeostasis in my newly registered for Anatomy and Physiology class, which started today! I love A&P, and it was the only class I aced if memory serves me well (it sometimes doesn't) at my short stint in alternative high school. Boom.

This semester I am tackling Anatomy and Physiology as well as the sensitivity-charged waters of community college Sociology through a distance learning class, the preferred mode of education that allows Deej to finish his thesis sometime before First Contact occurs. Oh, you don't appreciate Star Trek references indiscriminately scattered throughout your eyeline? Go watch it, right now. And don't hold your breath for the ending of Nemesis, which still has me slightly kerfluffled a full 24 hours later.

Anyway. Soc. Methinks the estrogen saturated discussion forum hasn't seen much in the ways of complementarian women under the age of 60, but we'll see if I can ease in reeeeeaaaallll sssllloooooowwww without offending too many ovaries :) JK, I really do aim for civil and fruitful discussions wherever possible (sometimes my aim is very off), and I am thankful for my right to vote and my option to work if I want or have to (I do want to again, when the kids are older).

Speaking of work, which is a major reason I'm in school, I've gone back and forth with the idea of joining the medical or nursing field for the last eight years or so, for the following reasons:
A) As the daughter of a very accomplished and competent physician, I have always had a respect and appreciation for the art of medicine.
2) I think IV's are cool, except when the Dentist 2 scarred me for life with a fear of bubbles in IV tubing. Dang you, stupid halloween horrors from my preteens.
C) I love to care for people, minister to people, nurture people, comfort people, make people laugh, serve people, and I think nursing covers all of those things in a special way. When I had my throat surgery I will NEVER forget my anesthesiologist (spell check is telling me that's the correct spelling, but I thought it was anaesth...) or my surgeon. They were confident, comforting, and wonderful in their bedside manner. I realize they weren't nurses, but honestly, I don't have 14 years of med school in me time-wise, and I'm not sure I'd be competent enough anyway.
D) Medical mission trips always need medical personnel.

5) I see it as an extension of ministry in a very practical way, plus, who better to be praying for you than your healthcare provider in real-time?

Fears: I want to hearken to God's call in my life, and don't know if nursing is just my idea of a "Plan B" since the track I was on for ministry was abruptly derailed last year (in my finite view of things, not that I have a birds eye view on my life). Also, I care very much for people in a way that is disproportionate to the amount of time I've known them, and I don't know if my heart could handle seeing people dying. (I can't even say the b word. NICU is not for me.) Really. I don't know if I could guard my heart enough in seeing others' rawest times of grief. Also, I don't want to miss my time with my child(ren). I very much enjoy raising children and making a home, and while I'm comfortable with the idea of clinicals or working while the children are in school, I strongly desire to send them off on their day and greet them home from school, do their HW and projects with them, etc. (VERY IMPORTANTLY, my mom managed to be a full time physician AND earn a coveted spot in Mr.McBride's 6th grade class project shelf with my clamshell 3D amoeba, so all those things are certainly not contingent upon staying home.) I just don't want to miss anything, and I want to give them the best I can, because as fast as these almost two years have flown by, I have a feeling the next 16 go even faster. I know I can't be the only woman who wrestles with a work/life balance, although I may be the only one that worries about it half a decade before her "work" would even begin. Maybe I should be a professional worrier, since I have that down pat. Also, I always want to spell profession with two f's - proffession. You're welcome.

Work/life balance: discuss.

Bless your hearts,
The ever vigilant heplock inspector.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Blog blog blog, wonderiffic you're terrific BLOOOG

Five points to you if you can name that tune.

It is RILLY nice out today - cloudy and 60's = FALL IS HERE. Fall candles start burning anytime after July 15th, fall decor always makes it out in the latter days of August, and September 1st is the official start of fall. I don't know why everyone insists on waiting till the end of September.

School is done for now and went lovelyish, and I ended up getting an A in Bio and an O in Math 055 - if you're confused about the O it's because you thought I was taking college courses, not sitting in on Elementary School politics. You'd be right.
I pared my schedule of three classes down to one for the fall since this summer was a fail in DJ getting ahead with his thesis, aaaand I missed my kid. So Soc 101 it is. Buckets of win.

Nnnnnoooott mmmuuuccchhh eeellllsseeeee to write about...I got five zucchinis too many last week and made two loaves of zucchini bread, three thousand zucchini cookies, and a tray of zucchini chips that sucked so bad it's hard to adequately describe it here. Jealous, right?Also, Korb calls every bird a Duckie.

Welp I'm off to spend the day with ze family and not sit on my tater tots all day staring at a computer screen.

Bless your hearts!
The zucchini whisperer.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sitting Olympics

For real, am I the only who fears DVT from being forced to sit for one million hours a day doing hw? Yes? Okay. Well, pin a rose on your blood clot.

Anywayyyy my Bio class from hades only has 9 more days of cruelty left in it before it extinguishes itself in its own schedule crippling horror, and I could not be more ready for it. The last five weeks have consisted of 100% guilt over the aformentioned time suck, during which SOMEONE had to take care of the baby while I plodded through 15 weeks of information squeeeeeezed into 1/3 of the time. To the pace of six hours of labs every other day. That someone watching the baby is my husband, who did I mention, is home solely to work on his PhD so he can graduate in the next ten years?? No? Oops. No, instead of PhD completion we are working on Mitosis and Meiosis for an associates degree that, by the way, is NOT bringing home any bacon, at least not for the next twenty years. Wife fail. Bio fail. Summer fail. From now on, I'm maxing out my schedule at one class a semester. Class of 4035, here I come.

In other news, this week was our church's VBS - that's Vacation Bible School for those who did not grow up with that (like me, who had to ask what VBS was a few years ago.) I've never participated in a traditional VBS and honestly, there are not letters enough in our alphabet to describe the amounts of fun I am having. First off, I get to serve in ministry with my husband - right there, my two favorite things in one: ministry. my babe. together. Secondly, we're characters in a skit put on each night for K-6th graders, and I am really not sure who enjoys it more. They think we are hilarious, and my heart gets filled to the brim and overflows allll over the floor at the sight of a gym full of kids laughing and singing Scriptures and competing with who can recite their verses the loudest and and and and so many things. The first night they all got construction hats to take home to decorate, and when I tell you I teared up judging them the next night (for a prize, not bc I'm a judgy judger - see previous post) I am not exaggerating even a little bit. These kids put time and effort and heart and stickers and hammers and lights (!!) allllll into these hats, and I melted. And seeing their little eyes light up when they finally catch on to the song or dance we're doing, there are no words. Thirdly, the skits in themselves are dang hilarious. I haven't made it through a single one without cracking up completely. Deej gets to be silly, I get to be silly and loud, so everybody's happy.

There's also a very comforting undertone to the whole camp that the pressure is not on us...the feeling is very much one of trust and faith that we are there to serve God and His children, and He is the one who draws little hearts to Himself. We can make mistakes and it's ok. We can flub a line and the kids still have a blast and they get the point. This is very comforting and peaceful and redemptive for me for ministry as a whole. Whether it was being part of creative team meetings this week, witnessing others serve as a team, or just worshipping with the kids and having fun, I am finding hope awakened again.

Welp, this has been a wonderful procrastination from the bio lab just waiting to take over my afternoon, but the cells they are a-callin'. Lurv you all.

Bless this mess,