Saturday, August 18, 2012

Blog blog blog, wonderiffic you're terrific BLOOOG

Five points to you if you can name that tune.

It is RILLY nice out today - cloudy and 60's = FALL IS HERE. Fall candles start burning anytime after July 15th, fall decor always makes it out in the latter days of August, and September 1st is the official start of fall. I don't know why everyone insists on waiting till the end of September.

School is done for now and went lovelyish, and I ended up getting an A in Bio and an O in Math 055 - if you're confused about the O it's because you thought I was taking college courses, not sitting in on Elementary School politics. You'd be right.
I pared my schedule of three classes down to one for the fall since this summer was a fail in DJ getting ahead with his thesis, aaaand I missed my kid. So Soc 101 it is. Buckets of win.

Nnnnnoooott mmmuuuccchhh eeellllsseeeee to write about...I got five zucchinis too many last week and made two loaves of zucchini bread, three thousand zucchini cookies, and a tray of zucchini chips that sucked so bad it's hard to adequately describe it here. Jealous, right?Also, Korb calls every bird a Duckie.

Welp I'm off to spend the day with ze family and not sit on my tater tots all day staring at a computer screen.

Bless your hearts!
The zucchini whisperer.

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