Thursday, August 30, 2012


I love that word. I love the mental picture of Biodome that pops up when I hear it. Did anyone see biodome? I haven't in over 12 years, but I remember laughing very hard at Pauly Shore.
Anyway, I'm learning about homeostasis in my newly registered for Anatomy and Physiology class, which started today! I love A&P, and it was the only class I aced if memory serves me well (it sometimes doesn't) at my short stint in alternative high school. Boom.

This semester I am tackling Anatomy and Physiology as well as the sensitivity-charged waters of community college Sociology through a distance learning class, the preferred mode of education that allows Deej to finish his thesis sometime before First Contact occurs. Oh, you don't appreciate Star Trek references indiscriminately scattered throughout your eyeline? Go watch it, right now. And don't hold your breath for the ending of Nemesis, which still has me slightly kerfluffled a full 24 hours later.

Anyway. Soc. Methinks the estrogen saturated discussion forum hasn't seen much in the ways of complementarian women under the age of 60, but we'll see if I can ease in reeeeeaaaallll sssllloooooowwww without offending too many ovaries :) JK, I really do aim for civil and fruitful discussions wherever possible (sometimes my aim is very off), and I am thankful for my right to vote and my option to work if I want or have to (I do want to again, when the kids are older).

Speaking of work, which is a major reason I'm in school, I've gone back and forth with the idea of joining the medical or nursing field for the last eight years or so, for the following reasons:
A) As the daughter of a very accomplished and competent physician, I have always had a respect and appreciation for the art of medicine.
2) I think IV's are cool, except when the Dentist 2 scarred me for life with a fear of bubbles in IV tubing. Dang you, stupid halloween horrors from my preteens.
C) I love to care for people, minister to people, nurture people, comfort people, make people laugh, serve people, and I think nursing covers all of those things in a special way. When I had my throat surgery I will NEVER forget my anesthesiologist (spell check is telling me that's the correct spelling, but I thought it was anaesth...) or my surgeon. They were confident, comforting, and wonderful in their bedside manner. I realize they weren't nurses, but honestly, I don't have 14 years of med school in me time-wise, and I'm not sure I'd be competent enough anyway.
D) Medical mission trips always need medical personnel.

5) I see it as an extension of ministry in a very practical way, plus, who better to be praying for you than your healthcare provider in real-time?

Fears: I want to hearken to God's call in my life, and don't know if nursing is just my idea of a "Plan B" since the track I was on for ministry was abruptly derailed last year (in my finite view of things, not that I have a birds eye view on my life). Also, I care very much for people in a way that is disproportionate to the amount of time I've known them, and I don't know if my heart could handle seeing people dying. (I can't even say the b word. NICU is not for me.) Really. I don't know if I could guard my heart enough in seeing others' rawest times of grief. Also, I don't want to miss my time with my child(ren). I very much enjoy raising children and making a home, and while I'm comfortable with the idea of clinicals or working while the children are in school, I strongly desire to send them off on their day and greet them home from school, do their HW and projects with them, etc. (VERY IMPORTANTLY, my mom managed to be a full time physician AND earn a coveted spot in Mr.McBride's 6th grade class project shelf with my clamshell 3D amoeba, so all those things are certainly not contingent upon staying home.) I just don't want to miss anything, and I want to give them the best I can, because as fast as these almost two years have flown by, I have a feeling the next 16 go even faster. I know I can't be the only woman who wrestles with a work/life balance, although I may be the only one that worries about it half a decade before her "work" would even begin. Maybe I should be a professional worrier, since I have that down pat. Also, I always want to spell profession with two f's - proffession. You're welcome.

Work/life balance: discuss.

Bless your hearts,
The ever vigilant heplock inspector.


  1. Well Chelsea Bucci, I am not wiser than anyone but I am 42 1/2 yrs old and a Mom that stays home even now 98% of the time since I found out I was pregnant with my first son in 2002. I had infertility for almost 4 yrears and we didn't start trying until we were already married 4 yrs. The boys are ages 7 & 9 now and for me personally I can't imagine it any different or ever going back full time. I mean I worked in offices, furniture store, dept store, corporate, etc and never finished my community college for art to receive an Associates Degree but I'm OK with that. :). I worked enough since I was a little girl in my Daddy's bakery before I could talk all thre way through when he closed it in 1995/ Through all that work and jobs since I met my husband at my last corporate job, I couldn't wait to be a Mom.. My husband is the main provider and has his career and thankful that I can stay home. We are not rich and I love to care for people but we felt it was important that I was with them as their main caretaker before and after school and in between since I didn't do daycare or preschool. The boys were with me 24/7 (when hubby at work) until ages 5yrs old each and I savored those years and can't take it back. My career and school IS my children. You might say that for you that you want to work and go to school so that when they are older you can be in the medical field but I know that may mean some family time of raising the children now will be missed or having less time to take care of the family while they are young when they need you the most. I don't want to sound like Dr. Laura Schlessenger because there are many nurses, midwives, pediatritions, etc that work and also have children, but for me that is my opinion that a job and career can wait for the future.. I am not talking down that you shouldn't be a nurse or shouldn't go to school or shouldn't work out of the home, but it sounds like maybe you want to wait a few more years if you don't want to miss the times of your child (ren) when they are young and need you 100% of the time. I just started working part-time again teaching cake decorating and so it's one or two class a morning a week for 2-3 hrs and so my boys go to a local christian school and don't even know I'm gone. It helps a little with the school tution or gas money or whatever as we aren't "wealthy" and have the monthy bills to pay. God provides all the time. I bake and cook from scratch most of the time and pack lunches each day and I feel like for me that would be sacrificed and couldn't do it all. if I had to work or go to school full time for me that would be less time or no time to take crea of the house and my children and husband which is my first priority. I hope that made sense without it being snobby that I think you should stay home. Don't get me wrong, that is is the toughest, unappreciated job sometimes and nobody pats us on our back, not even the husbands sometimes and you (talking to myself) could feel alone but you and your children will never forget everything you do for them on a daily basis and especially God sees it.
    P.S. I am hoping others that work full time or go to school full-time with young kids will post so you can see what is on their minds.

  2. Thank you so much, Susan, I really appreciate your heartfelt and thoughtful input. I pretty much agree, that's why I have a hard time wrestling it out :) But I do know that some moms are able to do both! I'm just torn because I want to care for my baby (he's really not a baby anymore, he's almost two lol), keep a home, serve and bless my husband, have more kids...but I also want to use my gifts and skills outside the home without compromising my main priorities. It's a toughy! I still have years of schooling left, so it's not pressing right now, and I'm able to go part time from home while watching the baby. I just wanted to know how others made it work, knowing we all have our own way of getting there! Thank you again for sharing your heart and time here, I really appreciate it.