Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sitting Olympics

For real, am I the only who fears DVT from being forced to sit for one million hours a day doing hw? Yes? Okay. Well, pin a rose on your blood clot.

Anywayyyy my Bio class from hades only has 9 more days of cruelty left in it before it extinguishes itself in its own schedule crippling horror, and I could not be more ready for it. The last five weeks have consisted of 100% guilt over the aformentioned time suck, during which SOMEONE had to take care of the baby while I plodded through 15 weeks of information squeeeeeezed into 1/3 of the time. To the pace of six hours of labs every other day. That someone watching the baby is my husband, who did I mention, is home solely to work on his PhD so he can graduate in the next ten years?? No? Oops. No, instead of PhD completion we are working on Mitosis and Meiosis for an associates degree that, by the way, is NOT bringing home any bacon, at least not for the next twenty years. Wife fail. Bio fail. Summer fail. From now on, I'm maxing out my schedule at one class a semester. Class of 4035, here I come.

In other news, this week was our church's VBS - that's Vacation Bible School for those who did not grow up with that (like me, who had to ask what VBS was a few years ago.) I've never participated in a traditional VBS and honestly, there are not letters enough in our alphabet to describe the amounts of fun I am having. First off, I get to serve in ministry with my husband - right there, my two favorite things in one: ministry. my babe. together. Secondly, we're characters in a skit put on each night for K-6th graders, and I am really not sure who enjoys it more. They think we are hilarious, and my heart gets filled to the brim and overflows allll over the floor at the sight of a gym full of kids laughing and singing Scriptures and competing with who can recite their verses the loudest and and and and so many things. The first night they all got construction hats to take home to decorate, and when I tell you I teared up judging them the next night (for a prize, not bc I'm a judgy judger - see previous post) I am not exaggerating even a little bit. These kids put time and effort and heart and stickers and hammers and lights (!!) allllll into these hats, and I melted. And seeing their little eyes light up when they finally catch on to the song or dance we're doing, there are no words. Thirdly, the skits in themselves are dang hilarious. I haven't made it through a single one without cracking up completely. Deej gets to be silly, I get to be silly and loud, so everybody's happy.

There's also a very comforting undertone to the whole camp that the pressure is not on us...the feeling is very much one of trust and faith that we are there to serve God and His children, and He is the one who draws little hearts to Himself. We can make mistakes and it's ok. We can flub a line and the kids still have a blast and they get the point. This is very comforting and peaceful and redemptive for me for ministry as a whole. Whether it was being part of creative team meetings this week, witnessing others serve as a team, or just worshipping with the kids and having fun, I am finding hope awakened again.

Welp, this has been a wonderful procrastination from the bio lab just waiting to take over my afternoon, but the cells they are a-callin'. Lurv you all.

Bless this mess,


  1. You should be very proud of yoursel, Chelsea. I am.

  2. Chelsea, I am just reading this as I posted on your last post above about working/home life topic & thoughts. I apologize and hope you didn't thnk your schooling and homework and labs weren't important. I understand why you are doing this now and I can't imagine the stress. I don't know what it's like for both parents to be going to school and studying to get a degree and no income coming in. I will pray for you. Maybe not because you are the lesser of the two of you but maybe if he could finish and get his job and you stay home with baby doing something part-time and sell on Etsy or something? I know that little money may not be what pays the bills and just pray that something works out for you and your family. Also what you did learn, hopefully that can be saved on the back-burner? Hugs...

  3. Hey Susan, no problem at all, I didn't take your other comment the wrong way! Our plan from about a year ago was for me to stay home, which would allow him to fully focus on his PhD, and if I can go to school on the side, great, as long as it doesn't infringe on his work. (which it did, this summer :) But we're making it work, he brings in enough on a grad stipend for us to be very very thankful and aware that we are very blessed to have what we have, and I sew little things here and there on the side :) His school is 10000000% more important, and the main thing for us, work wise, so if it takes me two years or ten to finish my degree, I don't mind either way :) Thank you again for your thoughtful comments!