Saturday, December 1, 2012

What I Wore Sunday...almost

So, one of my favorite bloggers (Grace at Camp Patton) started linking up with the ladies of Fine Linen And Purple a few weeks ago on a post called "What I Wore Sunday". I love. love. LOVE. this weekly blog "segment" because it's just cute, modest church outfits. I love getting dressed up for church because I think Church is very special, and it's a very very welcome reprieve from my mom uniform of glasses that are too big for my face, sweatjamas, house slippers, and bi-weekly washed hair. Eventually I put normal clothes on. If I'm going outside the house. Okay, outside the car.


Anyway, the last two weeks I got all excited to have my husband take pics and then link up with the ladies, but as a first-time linker, I got shy. Two weeks in a row. Shy about linking a blog post with a group of like-hearted Christian women who are posting pictures of sweet, modest outfits appropriate for Church. I can't roll my eyes at myself any harder, so feel free to join in. Completely unrelated, whenever I think of eye rolls I think of this hilarious picture that honestly, honestly makes me laugh out loud for at least a minute.

Right?!?! I can't stop laughing! I know it's GOOGLY EYES and not rolled eyes, but next time someone rolls their eyes at you, think of this. Is there anything funnier than googly eyes?

I just found a website called, so my evening's about to be gone.

Anyway, fun times tomorrow linking up with "What I Wore Sunday"!



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