Sunday, December 23, 2012

White Christmas


I took a little break from blogging after the Connecticut shooting. There was really just nothing I could add to what had already been said, and none of the usual frivolity that's posted here felt appropriate. I shared in the profound grief that is felt by so many, and I pray for the comfort of the families left behind, especially during the Holidays. I repeat my previous prayer; Maranatha, Lord. And may the God of all peace be with all our hearts.

Around here, our whole family is sharing in the generous gift a special someone brought home from her vacation. (Hint: it's a cold :) ) We're all fine though and Bucci-in-utero gets the gift that keeps on giving - antibodies! Joking aside, my mom also brought home two of the prettiest mantillas I've ever seen :) Thanks maaaaaaa!

I cut all my hair off (imagine a creepy bag of hair picture here) but I got two 10"+ ponytails to send to Locks of Love and that made me really happy. Bonus, I look and feel very pretty and can now do so many pretty things with my hair instead of putting it in a bun. Special props to Kate Naylor, stylist extraordinaire who specializes in making this pregnant mom of a toddler look pretty dang fine.  

I got my first B+ in college. Please circle any of the following excuses and submit to my future employer:
A) First trimester nausea/exhaustion/indifference/babymaking
B) Toddler. That's all you need to know.
C) Sociology on a community college level is basically a class telling you different people's theories about everything and anything with conflicting studies to show you why each of them could be both right and wrong. I found this so annoying that I really couldn't force myself to absorb some of it. Basically, I could get into an argument with myself and come up with better reasoning than some of the material presented. It was that special.
D) All of the above.

Regardless, we're all very thankful to be together with family for Christmas, in good health besides the sniffles, and celebrating the birth of our Savior. I hope your holidays are a blessing to you all! And I hope we get some snow.


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