Monday, December 10, 2012

You can't see what I wore Sunday.


A) We downgraded (my FAVORITE hobby as of late - I am not kidding. Can I cut the cost/clutter/crap out of an area of our lives for the greater benefit? I'm in.) our fancy shmancy iPhones that cost almost as much monthly as my car lease does, in exchange for going with Virgin Mobile. Previous phone bill: $150/month. Current phone bill: $75/month. And that extra five is only because I genuinely NEED the $5/month insurance, what with my rampant phone dropping skills. Next to go is the cable. Anyway, with the downgrade came a downgraded camera on said phones, so until I find a way to make 3.5MP look blog worthy, you'll just have to use your imagination.

B) Part of my outfit was this skirt:

...except instead of some weird dupioni silk curtain-turned-skirt, it was burgundy corduroy. NOW picture the back zipper, but instead of it being invisible or of a matching burgundy shade, it was bright yellow and not so invisible. Love the skirt. Love that it fits over the baby bump. Don't love the zipper. I also don't hate it enough to take it out and re-do it invisibly. (I KNOW someone out there shares my HATRED for sewing invisible zippers.) 

C) We slept in till 7:15am, had an 8:30am service, rushed home to try and force-nap the critter (failed), and rushed to a Christmas party (WIN!). I just didn't have it in me to find a flattering angle and lighting.

So, black shirt, red peplum bump hiding skirt, black legging, black pumps, and cream lace headcover. That's all I got, folks.


In botany news, I've been to Longwood Gardens twice in the last four days. Dear Husband buys me a membership every year for Mother's Day and it is a haven and a refuge for me. When I bring the critter, it's a little less refuge and a little more running, but it is a gift from God to me. I can breathe and rest and smell and rest and breathe and rest some more. I have always found great comfort in creation, and although DuPont had more than a little bit of a hand in building this place, it never fails to comfort me and render me thankful to God for making all that He did. I do have a minor conflict of interest that DuPont is in cahoots with Monsanto (I believe?), but I don't have the strength to complain about it now, and to me, Longwood will always be untouched.

My favorite smell in the place is Cinnamon Wattle (Acacia). While this is literally the weed of weeds where it grows in it's native Australia, Longwood is the last place it is cultivated in the U.S. I asked today if I snatched a cutting, would it propagate with a little root hormone....sadly, no :/ So, the only place to get my fix for this particular Acacia species is an hour away, in a hallway tucked behind a rainforest, between the orchids, ferns, and main atrium. Oh well, I'll take it :)

Korban loves the children's garden (so do I), and we ALL love the food. The BEST mushroom soup I've ever had was at Longwood, and their polenta with mushroom ragout is another favorite of mine. It doesn't hurt that it's right outside Kennett Square, the mushroom capital of something. The world? The country? Anyway, great fungi there. It doesn't matter if it's snowing, raining, or four thousand degrees outside...once you step into the conservatory, you're transported to another world. I want to start collecting little terrariums or wardian cases and bringing home little plantlets from there on each trip.

Are you still reading? I almost fell asleep writing that last sentence. Hope your weekend was everything that is good and lovely.


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