Sunday, July 21, 2013

Eureka, It's Urea!

After weeks of cajoling, threats of consequenes, nagging, and otherwise momfailing literally by the books (don't bribe, don't use consequences, don't force them, don't get upset, DONT BE A HUMAN BEING PLEASE BE A ROBOT MOM), Korb went PEEPEE ON THE POTTY last week. Once. It was a miracle. A real one, in our house. We'd had a long day, and I thought I'd ask God for a little help. I prayed that He'd help Korb use the potty. Then he did. It was a miracle.

Fast forward to this week. There were days of battling of the wills. One step forward, fourteen leaps back. I pictured my son graduating from university still in depends. Visions of cowpies plopped across my living room floor danced in my head. I was resigned to letting him just work it out with his kindergarten teacher. And then I remembered! Last week, I asked Jesus for help for the most mundane, ridiculous thing in the world. Couldn't hurt to try again. I asked Korb to use the potty. He used all his decibels to politely decline.

I asked the Lord for help.

Korb nicely informed us he had to go potty.

And he went.

Fluke? ME THINKS NOT. He went like, eight times! Then had an accident. Then I prayed again. Then he went potty again. Scoff all ye will, scoffers of the interwebs, this potty train is choochooing right outta the station, with Help from on high at the helm. I am now that girl that says "God helped me potty train my kid."

And dang proud of it.

The Church Lady