Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What SAHMs do

Ok. Yes there is housework, and dishes, and meal prep, and oh so many butts to wipe, and laundry, and general housewiferymothery things... But the reason you'll never hear me play the stay at home martyr card is because of this: 

So much of this :) This was our whole day: party in the park with a dear friend and her toddler while Gracie slept on my chest. Thank You, Lord, for the gift of motherhood. 

Somewhat related, I actually asked my husband if I could go back to work super part time, just one or two nights a week to help pay for Korb's preschool this fall. The very unexpected answer: no. A resounding no. After a year off the books, and a year of routine and dinner (mostly) ready when he gets home, and housework (sometimes) getting done, and my stress level (almost always) at an blissfully small level (which happens to affect the entire household)...he said no, thank you. 


Don't gotta tell me twice :)

The thankful homemaker. 

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