Friday, October 18, 2013

Write down ALL THE NEWS!

There is so much to catch up on, it just ain't happenin' right now. But, for quicksie's sakes:

1. My daughter is pretending to have caught my alpha-gal allergy in utero. She hates when I have dairy. She hates when she has dairy (which happened in all of two bottles that I tried to introduce since my stupid tick diet has her hanging around the 3rd percentile in height and weight. Awesome job at being HORRIBLE, tick.) I say pretending because if I even let myself think for 14 seconds that she has it, I'll cry ALL THE TEARS. Or at least two. Because if you know me (and you don't, but howdy, interwebs stranger!), you know me and soy are anti-BFF's. So I don't want it coming near my daughter. So that limits her protein to about four things. Sigh. No time for this.

2. We're moving. (We moved?) A mile up the road. TO OUR FIRST HOUSE! We're moving, to our first house, with our first mortgage, with an (almost) 3 year old and a 4 month old. With major dietary changed from food allergies. Do you know what my house looks like right now? Like someone came by and shook it. It's why I'm avoiding finishing packing. So here's the deal - next time I think of something like this, do me the sweetest favor and punch me right in the face.

3. I might have to start working. I. can't. even. handle. the. thought. I LOVE staying home, I love being a SAHM and homemaker and if I even think about it for three seconds, I pout and tear up. I can't talk about it right now.

But I had those three big things hanging around my bwain, and I needed to write them down so I could write them out at a later el-date-o. As always -

God is ever present. He is so near to us, always. He is GOOD and faithful to work all things for good. I trust Him. I love the safety and comfort of His sovereignty. And that makes all of the above okay :)

The Silver Fox (I pulled out a grey hair this morning. I'm not 30 yet.)

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