Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Things I've Missed

I'm going to come right out and say it - in the year since my littlest dumpling was born, I've let some things go. We're not even going to bring a mirror into the picture here. Just take my word for it. Granted, we house shopped while 9mos pregs and with newborn Grace, completely renovated a filthy hovel of a short sale into our current Home Sweet Home when she was 4 months, Halloween'd/Korb's birthday'd/Thanksgiving'd/Deej's Birthday'd/Christmassed, almost-aced a full course-load of classes, anniversary'd, Gracie's bday again, and look, we're back where we started! It has been a very full year, but, after finally getting into a "routine" again now that Gracie is down to "only" one wakeup a night, I find I've really, really missed some regular's that I don't want to let slip again with the next peanut, whenever that may be. Let's talk!

1) Quiet Time. Are your eyes rolling? Keep rolling, don't care. I don't mean quiet time as in shhhhhh. I mean quiet time as in I'm awake before my household and I get to lay my heart before God, and rest in His Word. When I have that abiding time, I get to cast cares, gain peace and assurance, grow in sanctification, and devour more of the Word. I get to be still and know, I get to be reminded of promises and commands and I get to relate to thousands of years of mankind in recorded history, in their failures and triumphs and weaknesses and joys, and in our common strength; The Lord. I love the Bible, and always have in the almost 11 years I've had as a Christian. One of the great comforts I have is that "the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart." When I have young children who are up 4+ times a night, I don't get to set aside that morning time anymore because I feel like I'm constantly hovering on the brink of sleep-deprivation-induced insanity. So, I take my "quiet time" as I can get it, which means on-the-go. I know God's grace is sufficient in all seasons, and I know there is a special grace for weary mothers of young babies, but let me tell you - I crave that undivided, uninterrupted time with God like nothing else in those years, and I'm always thrilled when I can carve it out again.

B) Sleep. Sleepity-sleep-sleeping-soporific-sleepdingity-sleep. Sleep, I want all of you for all my life.

3) Cooking, and taking pictures while cooking, and talking about it afterwards. I used to think I had a problem with food, because when I wake up, I think about what I'm going to cook for breakfast, and shortly after breakfast, I plan lunch, and before we've finished lunch, I'm already thinking of dinner. I look forward to meals like some people look forward to...? I don't know. Does anyone else do this? Anyway, despite my lack of self control when it comes to certain sweets (I'm looking at you, Leo's Famous Yum Yum), and almost certain weakness in the face of hot bread and marinara (I'm looking at you, entire history of food), I've concluded that I don't have an "issue" with food. I just really like to cook :) In fact, my favorite type of cooking is for others, which I get to do tonight (reprising my Blue Letter Chili minus the beer for some great friends)! I love being hospitable, and I'm a homemaker so, hey, cooking takes up a lot of my life. And then I get to eat it :)

Summer Corn Soup from Corncob Stock. It was ridiculous.

30-minute rolls. These guys pretty much sucked, honestly.

My new favorite post-Hershey Park inspired breakfast. Poached egg with side salad. AMAZING.

4) Sewing. I was a few months late and a few sizes short on this one, but I love to sew. Sew for me, sew for you, sew for my kids, sew for your kids, sew for your friend's kids. But not for your house. Never for your house. I hate curtains.

E) Reading. 

Is there anything better than curling up with a good book/kindle/mag?


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