Saturday, April 25, 2015

what did happen, and what did not

Things that did not happen since October:

We did not move overseas to idyllic pastures and walkable towns and no-GMO food. 

Things that did happen since October:
We stayed. We applied overseas at about 30 different places, got rejected by them all, then got an outstanding and visibly Providential offer at the headquarters of the top company in Dj's field out of nowhere, which is conveniently located two towns over. So we said, 'Yes and thank You, Lord.'

It was not an easy Yes for me. I have frustrations with living in the northeast, and I still have pangs for adventure and desires to see Europe and wishes for a different cultural climate to raise our children in. But I figure we'll just keep setting the thermostat at home, and teach them to be salt and light wherever the good Lord calls us. For now, that is here. Home. So I refuse to despise any good thing from His hand. He is good. He is faithful. He is incredibly patient. And I will be content and thankful for the incredibly gracious gifts He's surrounded us with in our church, and friends, and family.

I do want to write regularly again, and I've got some thoughts kicking around the draft bin, but I needed a bridge to close the last season and open this next one, so there it is. A short, tiny, pretty, happy, wooden bridge with no trolls under it. Onwards and upwards.

My favorite artist, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema